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Link to Local Therapists

Link to Local Therapists

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CPD is at the core of all our member's growth, with many of us ethically required to complete a certain number of hours of Continuous Professional Development each year. This LTLT Blog is a space for all our members to share news, information, research and learnings with each other, our clients and our wider audience online. Enjoy!


Boost Your Immune System

LTLT members Julie Morris and Nadia Rafaaat were invited by Families Magazine (South West) to talk about ways to boost your immune system, by living and laughing, and de-stressing with yoga.


The article also feature other local experts Domininique Antiglio, Be Sophro and Candice Joyce, Homeopath. Read the full article below:


Empowering Birthing Mother Summit


A new online weekend event to provide expectant mothers with ideas, advice and techniques to support & empower them during their pregnancy:


• An international panel of health practitioners, artists, activists and women’s pregnancy & lifestyle advocates

• Workshops, presentations and discussions on prenatal yoga

• Therapeutic counselling guidance techniques

• Women’s rights and maternal journaling inspiration

• Pregnancy photography tips

• Recipes for optimal nutrition & digestive health

• Shamanic insights into birth as transformation

• Sophrology: a mental wellbeing practice

• Homeopathic self-prescribing for pregnancy & birth


Missed the weekend? Watch back here on Facebook


Managing Anxiety in 12 Steps

Written by LTLT founder, Julie Morris, in this new e-book she has attempted to bag the last 10 years of experience into 12 steps on how to navigate parenthood, side step stress and retain your identity as a woman whilst nurturing your baby.


To sum up, this E book covers: triggers for anxiety around feeding, adjusting and letting go of the perceived plan of parenthood and how we mirror the behaviour of our own parents concluding with how to ‘shake off’ some of that learning to become a new mum with a new life. Everyone approaches birth in their own way, some people spend many hours researching, others attend antenatal classes, be that hypnobirthing, yoga or your local hospital or NCT. How a woman decides to birth will be based on their mental and physical health, the stories they have heard via their family and friends and, of course, what their baby is up to in the womb.


Free e-book

Julie Morris produced this eBook when running her Baby Intuition doula practice. Written from many years experience, it is the perfect guide for new mothers on their breastfeeding journey, guiding you day by day from day one.

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