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Link to Local Therapists

Link to Local Therapists

South West London



The network of circa 24 therapists have been supporting each other and local people since 2015, via The Network, The Empowered Birthing Mother Summit and The Clapham Baby Show.


Empowered Birthing Mother Summit


A new online weekend event that provides expectant mothers with ideas, advice and techniques to support and empower them during their pregnancy.


The Clapham Baby Show

When the Link to Local Therapist network began we specialised in supporting new parents and decided to introduce this wonderful group of experts to the public. We launched our first Clapham Baby Show in Autumn 2015 - this show was such a success after two shows we had to move it to a larger venue. In order to meet demand, we added lots of businesses outside of our network. Each show was a ticketed event but with free entry. Exhibitors paid for a stand and we sponsored a local charity via a raffle. Due to the current pandemic, the show is on hold.

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